Tioman Island Trekking Trails – The Dragons Horns

The Dragons Horns of Tioman Island

Kampung Mukut is a fishing village on the Southern end of Pulau Tioman where the mystical Dragons horns are located. We recently did an exciting trip up to the saddle between the two peaks. The trail was built and is maintained by Uncle Sam and Tam of the Tanjung Inn. It is well thought out and as you are climbing up the slopes you will notice markers called ‘checkpoints’ along the way so that you know how near you are to the top. It is also possible to hire a guide from the Tanjung Inn. The view from the Lookouts just below the saddle is spectacular and well worth the 2hr trek up the mountain. From the viewpiont you can see the imense face of Nenek Semukut which towers above Kampung Mukut and is the face that many top rock climbers aspire to climb.

If you are staying at Swiss Cottage Tioman we can arrange a day trip out to Mukut by Speed boat. The trip departs at  9:30am in the morning and returns at around 5pm. The cost of the trip is RM130 per person and does not include the entry fee for the Dragons Horns Path. It is advisable to use a good pair of trekking sandals or shoes for the trek. The trekking is fairly steep in places and is suitable to people with good to moderate fitness. Bring lots of water and look out for the worlds largest flower the Rafflesia

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