Tioman Island Restaurant Guide – Part 2

Restoran Delima (Tekek) & Sarang Seafood Village (Tekek)

So here we are with part two of the Tioman Island Restaurant Guide. We hope that some of you who visited Tioman During the last month got a chance to try the Restaurants we reviewed in Part 1 ( Warong Syahirah & Johan’s ). This time around we have two more restaurants that are both based in Tekek. Both of these restaurants are open for lunch and dinner. Delima usually has nasi kandar (buffet) for lunch while in the evenings they have a menu to choose from. Sarang is the closest restaurant to Swiss Cottage Tioman and has a good menu to choose from with some excellent chicken and shrimp dishes.


Restoran Delima

Fist up we have Restoran Delima. Delima means pomegranate in Malay and they have some of the best Seafood dishes on Tioman. Their Ikan tiga rasa or three taste fish is their signature dish and well worth a try, fried with a delicious sweet and mildly spicy sauce you cant go wrong with this dish. They also do beef or chicken tiga rasa for those who are not fans of seafood. For those of you who like seafood you can enjoy Lobster, King Prawns, Scallops and various types of fish either on the BBQ or cooked how you like it. We also like the squid fried in turmeric, ginger chicken and Beef in Soy sauce, all these dishes are very tasty. Overall Delima has to go down as one of our favourite restaurants on the island and is well worth the 10 min walk up the hill.

Vegetarian Dishes

For Vegetarians the Tom Yam soup is delicious and spicy, just as it should be. They also serve fried Kangkong, kalain and fried mixed vegetables. Dont forget to tell them that you want only vegetables and no meat or fish in the dish.



Salang Seafood Village

Sarang is less then 5mins walk from Swiss Cottage and is the easiest place to go if you are looking for a quick bite to eat for lunch or dinner. Our favourite dishes at this restaurant are the Mongolian Chicken, Thai style Chicken, Mutton Curry and Butter Prawns. All these dishes have their own unique flavour and are always a safe bet with everyone.

Vegetarian Dishes

Salang has some interesting Bean Curd (Soy) dishes as well as the usual vegetable dishes.



Some useful Malay words that may come in handy

Ayam – Chicken

Makan – Eat

Minum  – Drink

Sayur – Vegatable


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