Tioman Island – Restaurant Guide – Part 1

Warong Syahirah (Tekek) & Johan’s (ABC)

Sedap means delicious in Malay and we hope that you will be saying this word often on your journey through Malaysia. People are often asking us where are the best places to eat on Tioman and what dishes we recommend, so we have decided to review some of the restaurants we like to eat at and also our favorite dishes. In the Tioman Island Restaurant Guide we will only cover restaurants that are accessible from Tekek. Some are within walking distance, while the restaurants in ABC you will need to catch a taxi to the Jetty at the marine park and walk from there. We will be reviewing two restaurants at a time.

The first two restaurants in this weeks guide are Warong Syahirah in tekek and Johans  in ABC.


Warong Syahirah

Fist up we have Warong Syahirah which is ideally located about 150m from Swiss Cottage Tioman. The restaurant is open from 7- 10pm daily. The food here is really good value for money and the dishes are simple but tasty. We recommend the Nasi goreng Kerabu as well as the Fried squid “kentucky style” They also have some excellent BBQ seafood. Crab, Shrimp, Squid and various species of fish from Red Snapper to Marlin can be cooked to your liking. Just speak to the chef and tell him how you would like your fish done. All the BBQ dishes are served with a mild curry sauce to dip your fish in. For those who are not seafood fans they can do BBQ chicken as well as various meet dishes such as Chicken curry and Sambal chicken. They also have fruit juices, Ice tea, coffee and beer to wash your food down with.

Vegetarian Dishes

The Nasi goreng Kerabu is a vegitarian dish and you can also order vegtable side dishes like Kangkung Goreng, Mixed vegatbles, Coleslaw salad,

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Johan’s in ABC

ABC (Short for Air Batang) is the next beach north of Tekek. To get to Johan’s you will need to catch a taxi to the Marine Park, which is a the northern end of Tekek and from there you can walk over the hill into in ABC. Johan’s is about 15mins walk from Nazris Place, before restaurant Hijau. Its a bit of a walk but it is well worth it, we recomend getting there early because like all good food it sometimes takes a while to prepare.

Johans place has been open for a long time, they were one of the first chalets on ABC. The food is Malay style but prepared to Western tastes. We recommend the Kari Ikan or Fish Curry. This dish is prepared with delicious game fish like Mackerel for instance. We also had Ikan Sambal which was equally as tasty. They also do a spicy Tom Yum soup as well as western food like pasta, sandwiches and burgers. The chocolate banana milk shake is very tasty too and they also offer fresh fruit shakes, ice tea, soft drinks etc.

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Some useful Malay words that may come in handy

Sotong – Squid

Goreng – fried

nasi – rice

ikan – fish


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