Minimising your enviromental imapct

Tips & Considerations

After living on the Island for a while you start to notice the changes, the Island is developing fast, and with development come all the first world problems, like trash, lack of supporting infrastructure and damage to the natural assets that attract tourists to the island in the first place.


Try to minimise the amount of plastic you bring to the island. It is a good idea to bring at least one reusable shopping bag with you, so you dont need to take a plastic bag from the minimart. Another practical item to bring is a refillable water bottle. We have a water filter machine in our reception, so you can refill at any time.

Plastic trash accumulates on the East coast of the island

Snorkeling & Diving

When you go snorkeling or diving be very careful with your fins, its so easy to kick and damage the reef, especially when you kick in an upright position. If you are not a strong swimmer, use a life jacket and dont use fins (if you wear a life jacket).


Recent studies have shown that common ingredients in sunscreen are wrecking havok on our coral reefs and are also toxic to humans. The sunscreen ingredients to avoid are listed below, along with the ones that are considered safe to use. For more information on this issue, check out the link below.



Sunscreen ingredients to avoid, see below

Avoid Considered Safer
Oxybenzone Titanium Dioxide
Octinoxate (Octylmethoxycinnamate) Zinc Oxide
Homosalate Avobenzone
Octisalate Mexoryl SX

Local Environmental Organisations you can support

Cintai Tioman

Cintai Tioman is an initiative from the guys at Reefcheck Malaysia, and is lead by the caring and charismatic Alvin Chelliah. Cintai Tioman is involved in outreach projects to help local islanders learn about enviromental issues and what they can do to best manage these problems. You can support them by making a donation through Reefcheck Malaysia.



The Juara Turtle Project

The Juara turtle project collects turtle eggs and protects them until they hatch. When the turtles hatch they release them in to the ocean so that they can begin their journey. You can support the project by adopting a nest or making a donation. When you visit the project in Juara Village, they will tell you all about what they do and what dangers the turtles face and we can help to protect them.



Rumah Hijau Tioman

Is a recycling project started by the wonderful creative Hisham Ayub. The project collects common trash items like tin cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles etc and attempts to recycle them into items like lamps, souvenirs, coral reef planters for reef regeneration projects, building sand from glass bottles and other fascinating endeavours. Please check out and support Rumah Hijau which is based at the Cabana