Tioman Island is a fantastic destination for snorkeling. The Shallow reefs that surround the island are ideal because you can just swim off the beach and the reef is right there no boat necessary. The Tekek beach house reef is one of the best on the island and is a favoured snorkel site for both seasoned local freedivers and beginners alike.

Boat Trips

We can arrange boat trips out to the nearby islands with our experienced local guide Wasabi Yayah. Wasabi is well known in the village for his multitude of skills, and has an uncanny knack for knowing where the turtles will be, not to mention the fact that he is just about the safest and friendliest boatman you will encounter, great with kids and one who takes great pride in making people happy. The boatrtips range from a full day, to a couple of hours, the most popular is the half day morning trip. for more information please enquire at reception.

What to bring

Mask and snorkels are included if you are doing a boat trip. You can also hire masks, snorkel and fins from the Swiss Cottage reception, if you would like to explore the house reef. If you are doing a boat trip, we recommend you bring the following with you