Freedive Tioman


Freedive Tioman is based at Swiss Cottage, they are the first freedive centre to setup shop on Tioman. With a professional team offering certifications in both Apnea Total and AIDA courses from beginner to master level.

What is Freediving ?

Freediving, sometimes called Apnea, is the ability to use breath holding techniques to explore the underwater realm, rather than scuba equipment. Of course this means that your time underwater is limited to how long you can hold your breath. When taking a freediving course, not only do you learn these techniques but most importantly you learn how to use them safely. You will also learn about what happens to your body when you hold your breath and rescue techniques to keep your fellow freedivers safe.

Who is freediving for ?

You dont necessarily have to be an extreme athlete to learn how to enjoy freediving at your level, however it is import to at least know how to swim.

Want to take up freediving?

Its important to learn freediving and apnea techniques through an instructor, but just as important is that you practice freediving in a group with other divers who are trained in rescue techniques. For more information on the courses available at Freedive Tioman, please visit their Facebook page