Tioman Island reef

Snorkelling is fun!

Swiss Cottage has a fantastic reef right in front of the resort, you can rent a mask & fin set from us and go straight off the beach for hours of fun.

We also offer boat trips with the best and most reliable boatmen on Tioman. Our trips are less crowded and our boatmen are experienced and very knowledgeable.

The boat trips we have available are;

  • Half Day - Coral Island & Renggis Island
  • Full Day - Coral Island, Renggis Island, Soyak, Monkey Bay
  • Full Day - Renggis Island, Asah Waterfall, Mukut, Temuk
  • Renggis Island trip of 1 to 2 hours
  • Fishing trips

Tioman Island reef

Explore the ocean on one breath

Calm & collected you take a breath and submerge between the waves, swimming effortlessly, you descend...

Freediving is both challenging and rewarding, but it requires good techniques and lots of practice. Learn the skills and techniques required to become a competent and safe freediver.

Freedive Tioman

Freedive Tioman is based at Swiss Cottage and they offer freediving courses with AIDA International & Apnea Total .

Freedive Tioman offers courses from beginner to advanced as well as training, coaching and dive master courses.

For more info please contact Kat @ Freedive Tioman.


Tioman Island reef

photo by Grant Thomas

Photo by Nazarizal Mohammad

photo by Nazarizal Mohammad

Scuba dive on pristine coral reefs

You've checked your gear and done your buddy check. After the all "OK" you roll overboard and begin your descent. Like a zen master you explore the magnificent reefs of Tioman. After 45mins it's time to leave the ocean realm.

Scuba diving is relaxing but adventurous at the same time, there is so much to see on the tropical reefs of Tioman and what better way to explore then with friends.

In Kampung Tekek there are quite a few dive shops to choose from, please contact the dive centers directly to arrange your dive trip. If you are thinking about doing your Open Water or Advanced Course, consider doing your theroy online with PADI so that you dont waste valuable island time trying to learn dive theory.

Our Dive Shop Reccomendations

Tioman Island reef

photo by Aditya Siva

Paddleboard off into the sunset

Paddleboarding is easy even for beginners. After a quick lesson you will be up paddling around in no time at all. It's great fun for the kids too!

Our paddle boards are for rent for RM35* / 2hrs

*includes a lesson for beginners

Explore Tioman's Virgin Rainforest

Jungle Trekking on Tioman is a real adventure, the island is steep, rising to 1km above sea level and is covered by dense jungle.

There are a few paths that you can explore safely by yourself and there is also the option of hiring a guide. Its recommended to bring a good pair of trainers or hiking boots.

Unguided Trails

  • Kg Tekek - Juara 3hrs one way - Cross Island
  • Kg Tekek - Salang 3.5hrs one way - Coastal path
  • Kg Tekek - Genting 4+hrs - Coastal path

Jungle Trekking With A Guide

We offer a half day guided jungle trekking tour. The guide is extremely adept at finding various types of flora & fauna from lizards & snakes to Rafflesia flowers.

  • 4x4 ride up to Juara the start of the trail
  • Guided tour with an experienced local guide
  • Swimming in a waterfall
  • 4x4 ride to Juara for lunch and then back to Swiss Cottage

Climbing Gunung Kajang

Gunung Kajang is the Highest point on Tioman, it is a challenging trek through dense jungle and only possible with an experienced guide.

If you are interested in this trip, please let us know well in advance.