The Legend of  Tioman Island

According to legend, Tioman Island’s origins lie in the flight of a dragon princess who fell in love with the surrounding waters and decided to settle there permanently by transforming her body into an island. The twin peaks, Tioman’s famous landmarks are said to resemble the ears of the legendary princess.

Tioman Island (locally, Pulau Tioman), 32km East of Mersing has long been one of Malaysia’s popular holiday islands. Tioman Island is some 39km long and 12km wide. It has 9 main villages, the largest and most populous being Kampung Tekek in the north.

Naturally endowed with beautiful marine life. You will also find that Tioman Island is home to a variety of plants and small animals, with about 141 bird species on the island. 45 species of mammals are protected on Tioman, including the long-tailed macaque, giant black squirrel, binturong, slow loris, mouse-deer, brush–tailed porcupine and the common palm civet.

Call of the Dragon – A history of Tioman Island is a book by Tarek Amin (Author), Karen K. Gustafson (Author)

Also Checkout wikipedia for more interesting facts about Tioman Island

The Swiss Cottage Tioman Story

Once upon a time a great man who’s dreams were just as great, took a plunge in the ocean and fell in love with an unknown world emerging towards him. The beautiful and interesting coral formations combined with large Schools of fish flashing their bright colours grasped my fathers heart instantly and opened a new aspiration to his life.

He commenced his quest by persuading his wife to accompany him in search for an island to create a base for divers to reside. By Luck they were brought to this promising island named Tioman and set in motion a new and significant episode in their lives. Starting from a few little huts on the beach, this pristine unknown island found its way to Times magazine and got selected as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

People made their way to Tioman from all over the world enduring the 6 hour ride on old fishing boats to discover this beautiful place. Our parents soon realised that they would need to provide accommodation not only for divers but also for families who came to play on the beach with their kids and enjoy the crystal clear waters. My sister and I loved this place as children running around barefoot and getting ourselves into a lot of mischief!

We honour our parents dearly for building this beautiful place and strive to preserve its beauty. We try our best to make everyone leave this island with a smile.

We hope you will be able to enjoy this place as much as we do and also fall in love with the island like so many have before you.

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