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Jungle Trekking Tioman Island

The Pulau Tioman wildlife reserve was declared in 1972 and has numerous endemic species of flora and fauna. Some of the animals you can find here are Fruit Bats, Long Tail Macaques, Common Treeshrew, Malayan Colugo, Black Giant Squirrel, Red Giant Flying Squirrel, Brush Tailed Porcupine, Palm Civets, Monitor Lizards, Chameleons, reticulated pythons, tree snakes and Mouse Deers are among the animals you may encounter on the island. There are also numerous different plant species and fungi, including the Raffleisia flower. Lets not forget the insects ! Tioman has an incredible array of critters from giant rhinoceros beetles to stick insects and butterflies.

If you are interested in seeing some of the wildlife here on Tioman we suggest you go trekking with a guide who knows the area well. Pak Lan grew up on the island and has a keen eye for spotting even the most cryptic of critters. Pak Lan and his wife have a sincere love for the jungle and this is made clear by there knowledge of various different plant species. If you would like more info about the jungle trekking tours he provides please send us an email.

Tekek to Juara

The jungle trek from Tekek to Juara is one of the most well travelled on the island. The path is easy to navigate and there are even stairs in places to help you with your ascent. That said it is best to bring along a pair of trainers or hiking boots/sandals. The path starts near the mosque in Tekek and eventually joins up with the 4×4 road to Juara. While you are walking down look out for a small hut on your right, next to the hut is a path to a small waterfall.

Tekek to Benut Beach and Paya

Benut beach is one of our favourite little beaches and its about a 45min walk from Swiss Cottage. Take your mask and snorkel as the snorkelling is pretty good hear and its rare to find anyone else on the beach. At the end of the beach is a little jungle path that runs parallel with the coast and takes you to Paya Beach. It is also possible to go to Genting beach from Paya as well.  If you plan on taking a picnic please beware the monkeys.

Tekek to Monkey Bay

You can reach monkey beach by foot via Air Batang (ABC beach). Just follow the road to the end of Tekek where you will find a paved path that takes you over to Air Batang. Then continue on till the end of Air Batang beach where you will find the path to monkey bay. It is possible to continue on from here to Salang but beware the path is a little more severe.



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