Monsoon 2015 / 2016

Posted by on Nov 8, 2015 in Swiss Cottage, Tioman News
Monsoon 2015 / 2016

Want to come to the Island during the Monsoon ?

We will be opening some of our rooms during the monsoon season this year. During this time, the island usually receives a lot of rain, but the weather can be nice and sunny as well. The ferries are less frequent during this time and if the weather is really bad, then the ferries will not leave. That said the monsoon season is the perfect time for adventurous people who are wanting to visit the island and take advantage of the lower prices on offer. We have listed some pros and cons for the monsoon season below.


  • Cheaper room prices
  • very few tourists around, you will pretty much have the place to yourself
  • lots of quiet time


  • unreliable ferry service
  • some restaurants may be closed
  • yes, it can rain for days

If you want to come and stay with us this monsoon click here.

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