Welcome to our online reservation and booking form. Please note that online reservations made by guests are considered requests until confirmed by our reservations office. Before making a reservation, please make sure you read our what to expect guide and terms and conditions.

Please email our reservations office directly at enquiries@swiss-cottage-tioman.com if you have the following requests;

  • group bookings for more than 4 persons
  • if you would like to make a reservation for less than 3 nights
  • if you are unsure about which rooms are suitable for your group/family

Fill in the form below to check availability, please ensure that you enter the exact amount of people so that the correct room type is allocated too you, If you are unsure about this please contact us beforehand so we can advise you. 

Attention: Please do not contact us using an MSN or hotmail account as we are unable to reply to these email address’s, all other email address’s are welcome.

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